Saturday, July 8, 2017

LEAVES OF ABSENCE shortlisted for FAC Print Award and acquired by Monash University Library

Leaves of Absence, 2017, artist book, archival inkjet prints, 
cloth cover, ed: 10, 32.5 x 25.5 x 4.0 cm (closed) 
32.5 x 55.0 x 4 cm (open) 

Closely following the announcement that our unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence, has been shortlisted for the 2017 Geelong acquisitive print awards (see previous post) comes the news that the book is a finalist in the 2017 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

In other exciting news, Leaves of Absence has been acquired for the permanent collection of Monash University Library. Pictured below are some page views of the book, photographed during the recent run of Between the Sheets - International artists' books 2017 at Australian Galleries Melbourne by Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, and reproduced with their kind permission.

Title page of Leaves of Absence in Between the Sheets - International artists books 
2017 at Australian Galleries Melbourne. Photo by Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

Leaves of Absence pages #2. Photo credit: Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

Leaves of Absence page view #3. Photo credit: Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

Leaves of Absence page view #4. Photo credit: Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

Friday, June 16, 2017

LEAVES OF ABSENCE shortlisted for Geelong acquisitive print award

Leaves of absence, 2017, artist book, archival inkjet prints, cloth cover; ed. 5/10,
32.5 x 25.5 x 4.0 cm (closed) 32.5 x 55.0 x 4 cm (open). Printer: Luke Ingram

Further to recent posts, my artist book, Leaves of Absence, has just been shortlisted for the prestigious 2017 Geelong acquisitive print awards. 

The acquisitive awards and biennial exhibition will comprise 38 works by 39 established and emerging Australian artists. 

Shortlisted artists are: Benjamin Armstrong, Rosalind Atkins, Elizabeth Banfield, G.W Bot, Laura Castell, Jock Clutterbuck, Marian Crawford, Ben Fennessy, Dianne Fogwell, Peter Garnick, Kaye Green, Sue Grossman, Andrew Gunnell, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, Robert Hague, Rew Hanks, Carolyn Hawkins, Clare Humphries, Anita Iacovella, Michael Kempson, Deborah Klein, Jo Langley, Marion Manifold, Megan McPherson, David Nixon, Jiri Tibor Novak, Sharron Okines, Glenda Orr, Janet Parker-Smith, Jim Pavlidis, Stieg Persson, Ben Rak, Brian Robinson, Kati Thamo, Bridgit Thomas, Vanessa Wallace, Halina Wolski and Joel Wolter. 

The Geelong acquisitive print awards will run from 2 August - 8 October. 

Meanwhile, Leaves of Absence can be viewed in Between the sheets: international artists' books 2017 at Australian Galleries Melbourne until 2 July. (See previous two posts).

Leaves of Absence, page view 1

Leaves of Absence, page view 2

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Between the Sheets at Australian Galleries Melbourne

The snapshots above and below were taken on Tuesday night, 13 June, at the lively opening of Between the sheets: artists' books 2017 at Australian Galleries Melbourne.

It was great to catch up with several old friends, including fellow Ballarat artist, Debbie Hill (see below) who had two stunning altered books in the show

The evening was not without its upsets, however. The first happened quite early in the evening. I was about to show my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence, to two curators, when I noticed to my horror that someone had gotten there first. The pages were no longer in their correct order - so much so that the colophon page, which is traditionally placed at the end of a book, was near the beginning. Janis Nedela, the exhibition curator, suggested I retire to the back gallery where there was a large table on which I could spread out the numbered pages and carefully restore them to their intended order.

Later in the evening, an artist friend told me of a woman she spotted paging through my beleaguered book with one hand, whilst enthusiastically gesticulating with the other - in which she clutched a glass of wine. My friend looked on in disbelief as the wine splashed ever closer to my book. The horrified artist (to whom I'm forever in debt) marched over and firmly told the woman to put the glass aside until she had finished examining the book.

It was my decision that the book sit on an open plinth. In the exhibition's previous venue, it was displayed under a perspex cover, which meant that only a very limited number of pages could be viewed. I'm hoping it isn't a decision I'll live to regret.

Janis was extremely apologetic, but none of this is his fault. He is not a policeman and neither am I. We can't be there patrolling the exhibition every minute of its opening hours. We simply have to trust gallery visitors to do the right thing. For the most part they do, but it only takes one careless, thoughtless person to damage or even destroy an artist's work.

Having said that, it's a terrific exhibition - a must see, in fact - and the overwhelming majority of opening night visitors were respectful of the artist books.

The exhibition runs until 2 July. For full details, go HERE.

Photo credit for top and middle photos: Shane Jones.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

BETWEEN THE SHEETS 2017: installation in progress

Pictured above and below are selected progress views of the installation of Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2017, snapped yesterday at Australian Galleries Melbourne.

The exhibition showcases book art by national and international artists. A celebration of the book in its myriad shapes and forms, it includes my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence. That's my book in the above shot, foreground right. My apologies for not being able to identify the other books in the show as yet. Exhibition co-curator Janis Nedela (above, right) and his colleague Andrew (above, centre) were doing a brilliant job of the install, but hadn't quite gotten to the labels stage when Shane Jones (pictured far left) and I dropped in. (Click on images to enlarge).

Opening night of Between the Sheets 2017 is next Tuesday, 13 June, from 6 - 8 pm.  

The exhibition is current until Sunday, 2 July. For full details, see previous post.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

BETWEEN THE SHEETS: ARTISTS' BOOKS 2017 at Australian Galleries Melbourne

Australian Galleries Melbourne in association with Gallery East present:

Between the Sheets: Artists' Books 2017
An exhibition of national and international artists accompanied by a selection of Australian Galleries represented artists.

The show is curated by David Forrest and Janis Nedela, Directors of Gallery East, WA.

Opening night: Tuesday 13 June 2017 6 pm - 8 pm

Australian Galleries Melbourne
28 and 35 Derby Street
Collingwood Vic 3066
T: 03 9417 2422
Open 7 days 10 am - 6 pm

Current until Sunday 2 July 2017

The exhibition includes my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence (2017) and is accompanied by the catalogue pictured below. For selected views of Leaves of Absence, go HERE.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Floor talk at Warrnambool Gallery

L-R far distance in front of our combined collections wall:
WAG Curator of Collections, Agostina Hawkins, Carole Wilson,
Loris Button and myself

Last Saturday, May 13, Loris Button, Carole Wilson and I returned to Warrnambool Art Gallery to present a floor talk about our current exhibition, From the bower - patterns of collecting. (Louise Saxton, the fourth member of our group, was unable to join us).

I focused on several of my collection objects and related artworks, including the stories behind them: the sewing iconography in the linocut Tattooed Faces Sampler, the hair ornaments collection that became the point of departure for numerous artworks and later the MWP zine The Little Black Hair Book, and the hand painted eucalyptus leaves that were the basis for the illustrations in my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence.

We had a brilliant turnout, and valued the generous feedback we received from audience members after the talk.

Selected highlights are directly below. Photographs are by Shane Jones. For further views of the talk, visit my art blog HERE.

The exhibition runs until June 12.

Standing L-R: Carole Wilson, Loris Button and myself

Directly below:
Carole Wilson and I viewed through a glass case containing my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence, together with a variety of objects from the artists' personal collections.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Queenscliff Literary Festival 2017

Vertical concertina books, 2013, one-of-a-kind, ink
and acrylic on Khadi paper, cloth bound.
Each book: 20 x 15 cm (open)

The artist's books pictured above are currently on view at Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop in the exhibition, Queenscliffe Literary Festival & Great Authors Print Exchange. The show is part of the 2017 Queenscliffe Literary Festival.

The books relate to the literary classification of 'The Maiden in the Tower'. The primary point of reference for A Tall Tale and Castles in the Hair is the German fairy tale, Rapunzel, famously collected by the brothers Grimm and first published by them in 1812. The story has its basis in earlier tales dating back as far as the 11th century. 

The third book, Bats in the Belfry, draws its primary inspiration from the character Bertha Mason, the madwoman in the attic in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. The same character is the protagonist of the Jean Rhys novel, Wide Sargasso Sea, in which Bertha's real name is revealed to be Antoinette Cosway and much of the story told from her point of view.

The Queenscliffe Literary Festival & Great Authors Print Exchange runs from 3 May - June 12. For full details, visit QG&W's website HERE.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Australian Zine Showcase and Melbourne Art Books Fair

The above photos were snapped yesterday at the Australian Zine Showcase, the newest addition to the annual Melbourne Art Book Fair at NGV International (16 - 19 March). This rotating zine fair has been superbly organised and curated by Sticky Institute. Moth Woman Press was there yesterday, Saturday, 18 March, between 2-30 - 8 pm. (Photo credits: Shane Jones).

Meanwhile, at the Melbourne Art Books Fair in the adjacent Great Hall, Moth Woman Press is ably represented by Esther Gyorki, who is showing a selection of our artist's books at her Assembly Books stand until 5 pm today. (See below - that's Esther on the right). Behind her, next to the Assembly Books sign, is an open copy of our one-of-a-kind artist book, Castles in the Hair (2013).

LEAVES OF ABSENCE in Warrnambool and Perth

Pictured here are installation views of my artist book, Leaves of Absence (2017) in From the Bower - patterns of collecting at Warrnambool Art Gallery.

Selected page views of the book are paired with the original artwork - hand painted Eucalyptus leaves - and the antique flower presses in which the leaves were pressed and dried. The exhibition also features the works and private collections of Carole Wilson, Loris Button and Louise Saxton, some of which can be glimpsed in these photos. It opened yesterday, 18 March, and runs until 12 June.

From the Bower can also be seen at the Art Gallery of Ballarat from 29 July - 17 September.

Coincidentally, Leaves of Absence is part of another show that also opened yesterday: Between the Sheets: Artists' Books 2017. An international artists’ book exhibition, it is presented by Gallery East in conjunction with Gallery Central, Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia, and runs until 8 April.

Between the Sheets will also be shown at Australian Galleries, Melbourne, from 13 June - 2 July. 

Dates for the Melbourne launch of Leaves of Absence TBA.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Moth Woman Press at Assembly Books, Melbourne Art Book Fair

As mentioned in recent posts, Moth Woman Press will be represented by Esther Gyorki's Assembly Books at the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair. These books and others can be viewed at her stand in the Great Hall at NGV International from 16 - 19 March. For full details about the book fair, including opening hours, go HERE.

Left-right: Fuchsia, Harpy and Cactus Flower, 2013,
one of a kind artist books, 80 x 15 cm (open)
Women with Wings, 2010, artist book: concertina format, linocuts, rubber 
stamps, 24 cm (H) x 20.5 cm (W) x 1.5 cm (D) (folded) Edition: 3

Women with Wings, 2010, linocuts, double page view

There was once... Limited edition, 21.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 5 cm.
Includes Lace Lepidopteran, 2010, linocut, 16 x 10.5 cm, ed. 20 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


At Moth Woman Press cutting and folding continues apace as we work to complete PRESSING MATTERS, our second mini-zine bound for the Sticky Institute Australian Zine Showcase, part of the forthcoming 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair at NGV International. We will be there on Saturday, March 18 from 2.30 - 8 pm and hope you will be too.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A New Cutting Board and a New Zine for a New Zine Fair

Pictured on my brand new cutting board is OVERLEAF, a brand new zine destined for next weekend's Australian Zine Showcase at the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair, NGV International. Moth Woman Press will be there on Saturday 18 March between 2.30 and 8 pm with this and a myriad of MWP publications.

As mentioned in my previous post, Moth Woman Press will have a significant presence at this year's Melbourne Art Book Fair. A wide selection of our books can also be found at Esther Gyorki's Assembly Books stand in the Great Hall.

The Melbourne Art Books Fair runs from 16 - 19 March.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair and Sticky Institute Australian Zine Showcase

A goodly selection of Moth Woman Press publications, including these and others from the Tall Tales series of one-of-a-kind artist books, will be on view at Esther Gyorki's Assembly Books stand at the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair, NGV International. The book fair runs from 16 - 19 March. 

Pictured above, L-R: A Tall Tale, Passionfruit and Castles in the Hair, 2013, pigmented drawing ink on Khadi paper, each 15 x 80 cm (open). Click on image to enlarge. 

There will be a particularly strong zine presence at this year's book fair. In an exciting new initiative, Sticky Institute have been invited by the National Gallery of Victoria to curate an Australian Zine Showcase. The rotating zine fair will feature over 100 zine makers and distros from Friday 17 March - Sunday 17 March. We are pleased to announce that Moth Woman Press will be presenting a selection of our zines, including two mini-zines currently under construction, on Saturday 18 March between 2.30 - 8 pm.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The 2017 Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair

Pictured outside Melbourne Town Hall. Photo credit: Shane Jones.
Featured here are selected highlights from yesterday's sensational Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair. The fact that this ginormous event went off without a hitch was testament to the superb organisational skills of Sticky Institute, the ongoing support of the City of Melbourne, Melbourne's vibrant zine community and the thousands of visitors who came through. With able assistance from Shane Jones and Gracia and Louise as next stall neighbours, could this zinester ask for anything more? I think not. 
(Click on images to enlarge).

Despite the prediction of the poster in the previous photo,
 there were over 200 stalls. Not surprisingly,
the event was fully booked.

When we arrived at 9.30 am there was already a small queue of stallholders.
(The genial doorman, Paul, pictured in the red waistcoat,
has become a valued fixture of this event. When he
 slipped away for only a fleeting moment around opening time, Sticky refused
to open the doors without him. Waiting zinesters enthusiastically
chanted his name until he returned).

Before very long the queue had extended around the corner.

A short time later, it had continued up Collins Street as far as the eye could see. 

The doors were opened to stall holders at 11 am. I'm on the left setting up
alongside zine stall neighbours, Gracia and Louise. Photo: Shane Jones.

Gracia and Louise with their heads down as the setting up process continues.

Shane and I captured in one of the rare quiet moments,
just before the doors were opened and hoards of
zine enthusiasts streamed in. Photo credit: Gracia Haby.

I was very proud of my brand new Moth Woman Press sign.
Photo credit: Shane Jones.

Pictured with more of my zines. To my right is fellow zinester Louise Jennison.
Photo credit: Shane Jones. 

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.

L-R front: Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison and Vicki Fowler and back: L-R:
Shane Jones and myself view the zine fair through rose and blue coloured
 glasses (originally intended to be paired with a special G&L 3D zine).
Photo credit: Jill Kellett.

My able zine stall assistant, Shane Jones.

This and the following photo were taken from the Town Hall stage.
 They aim to give some idea of the magnitude of yesterday's crowd.

Melbourne Town Hall's mighty organ, as seen from
our stall 

Thanks for having us, Sticky Institute and City of Melbourne. See you in 2018!