Saturday, October 10, 2015

Parallel Prints launch at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

From left: Parallel Prints artists Antoinetta Covino-Beehre, James Pasakos
and myself. (James was also co-ordinator of the Melbourne leg of the show)
Although it was only launched last night, Parallel Prints (see previous post) has been open to the public for over a week and is already receiving a tremendous response. The exhibition coincides with the Archibald Prize, the controversial contemporary portrait exhibition that recently travelled to the Art Gallery of Ballarat from its home base at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Many of those who initially came to see the Archibald have stayed on to discover our under-hyped, far more modestly scaled show.

Parallel Prints is showing concurrently at Art at Wharepuke, KeriKeri, New Zealand.

Pictured below and above are some snaps from last night. For more photos of the Parallel Prints launch, go to my Art Blog.

From left: DK with Mark Graver, participating artist and, with his partner
Tania Booth (right) co-founder of Art at Wharepuke and curator
of Parallel Prints 

Pictured with my very own Parallel Prints portfolio and my linocut
Ideopsis gaura (Dainty paperwing) Woman

Monday, October 5, 2015

Parallel Prints - One Exhibition - Two countries - 12 artists

Parallel Prints, the Australia/New Zealand exhibition/portfolio that includes my linocut Ideopsis gaura (Dainty paperwing) Woman, opened at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on Friday, October 2.

The official opening event will be held on Friday, October 9 at 6.00 for 6.30 pm. If you are planning to join us, please RSVP to the gallery on
5320 5858.

The portfolio has already been accepted into the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of Ballarat and Federation University, Ballarat.

A project of the Art Gallery of Ballarat and Art at Wharepuke, New Zealand, Parallel Prints will be simultaneously exhibited at both venues.

The exhibition concludes on Sunday, 22 November.

For further information, including a list of participating artists, visit the Art Gallery of Ballarat HERE. To see all of the artworks, go HERE.

Pictured top:
Left: Ideopsis gaura (Dainty paperwing) Woman (detail) 2015, hand coloured linocut, 30 x 30 cm. Right: Exhibition details (click on image to enlarge)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Hobart Book Shop

Entrance to the Hobart Book Shop 

My partner Shane Jones and I recently spent five days in Hobart, Tasmania, where we celebrated Shane’s 60th birthday. Our last (and my first) visit was in 2002. I was delighted to discover that this bookshop is still in place – it’s always heartening to see the healthy survival of an independent book store, especially when it’s as impressive as this one.

The Hobart Book Shop stocks a combination of second hand and new books. By the time we’d reluctantly dragged ourselves away, I was the proud possessor of one of each (see photos below).

I must confess I hadn’t heard of the Russian author Alexander Kurpin. It was the book’s intriguing title and the debossed leaf silhouette on the front cover of The Garnet Bracelet that made me impulsively reach for it (leaves are something of a theme in my work at present). There are eight exquisite wood engraved illustrations inside – a portrait of the author opposite the title page and one engraving assigned to each of the short stories. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the artist. Although the text is in English, the book was published in Moscow by Foreign Languages Publishing House, Union of Socialist Republics. No publication date is provided.

I’m very much looking forward to reading Kurpin’s stories, including Moloch, which I believe is one of his best known. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, my photographs don't capture the fine, dextrous line work that distinguishes the illustrations.

The new publication (in terms of not being second hand) that I acquired is Australia Through Women’s Eyes by Ann Standish. It was published in 2008 by Australian Scholarly Publishing in association with the State Library of Victoria, although I’ve never come across it before. The book primarily focuses on nineteenth century colonial women, several of them writers and artists, including Louisa Meredith and Marianne North, who wrote about the fledgling Australian colony, but, with some exceptions, including Daisy Bates and Beatrice Webb, whose voices have not been widely heard. 

The elegant front cover of The Garnet Bracelet
by Alexander Kurpin
Title page and illustration of the author

Front cover of Australia Through Women's Eyes
Page views from Australia Through Women's Eyes by Anne Standish
Illustration: Kangaroo Apple (detail) by Louisa Anne Meredith 

Page views from Australia Through Women's Eyes. Illustration: Insect Study
by Louisa Atkinson

The Hobart Book Shop, September 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inking Up opening and exhibition catalogue

Thanks to everyone who attended the exhibition opening of Inking Up at Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum on Saturday, 5 September, and for your warm responses to the work.

One of the day's many highlights was seeing the exhibition catalogue for the first time. It was the inspired idea of Gallery Director Jennifer Kalionis to present the catalogue as a USB stick in the form of a familiar tattoo motif (the anchor was our unanimous choice). The USB contains Dr Thomas Middlemost's catalogue essay and selected works by Inking Up artists Clayton Tremlett, Rona Green and myself.

Below is a montage of more of the day's highlights. Click on image to enlarge.

Above left: DK in tattooed-patterned skirt
Top right hand corner: Shane Jones peruses Clayton Tremlett's artist book; my linocuts are on the right
Second from top: Linocuts by Rona Green
Third from top: Exhibition launch: Jennifer Kalionis and Clayton Tremlett are respectively first and second from left
Bottom right hand corner: Castlemaine Art Gallery Director Jennifer Kalionis and I

Inking up continues until 18 October. Full details are on the gallery's website HERE.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tattooed Faces in Living Colour - a new mini-zine, Part 2

To commemorate the exhibition Inking Up*, which recently opened at Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum, I've produced two new mini-zines, both of which focus on my Tattooed Faces imagery.

An invitation to the official launch on Saturday, 5 September at 3 pm is directly below, followed by page views of the mini-zine Tattooed Faces in Living Colour. (To see its sister zine, Tattooed Faces, scroll down to previous post).

Pictured above:
Tattooed Faces in Living Colour, mini-zine (photocopy, 10.5 x 7.5 cm, signed and numbered limited edition of 100). The zine is available through Moth Woman Press for $4.00, plus postage.

*Inking Up (with Rona Green, Clayton Tremlett and Deborah Klein)
Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum
14 Lyttleton Street
Castlemaine Vic 3450
29 August – 18 October 2015.

Tattooed Faces - a new mini-zine (Part 2)

Further to our blog post of 11 August, the mini-zine Tattooed Faces is now completed.

Pictured below: Tattooed Faces, (photocopy, 10.5 x 7.5 cm, signed and numbered limited edition of 100). The zine is available through Moth Woman Press for $4.00, plus postage.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tattooed Faces in Living Colour

Our last post previewed Tattooed Faces, a new mini-zine. Since then, work has commenced on its sister publication, Tattooed Faces in Living colour.

Their simultaneous release is timed to coincide with the group show Inking Up at Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum, which opens to the public on 29 August. For full details of the exhibition, scroll down to previous post.

Under construction: limited edition mini-zine Tattooed Faces in Living Colour
Click on image to enlarge

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An exhibition and a new zine

Here at Moth Woman Press work is currently under way on Tattooed Faces, a mini-zine designed to coincide with Inking Up, a forthcoming three-person exhibition at Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum that will focus on the tattoo in art. Details of the show are as follows:

Inking Up (with Rona Green, Clayton Tremlett and Deborah Klein)
Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum
14 Lyttleton Street
Castlemaine Vic 3450
29 August – 18 October 2015.

Cutting and folding of the zine has commenced, as previewed below. (Click on image to enlarge).

Monday, August 3, 2015

A mini-zine in the making: 2015 Mothstralian Postage Stamps

With the dust barely settled on this year's National Moth Week, the commemorative publication previewed in our previous post is well under way. Full details of the mini-zine Mothstralian Postage Stamps 2015, a signed and numbered limited edition of 100, will be posted soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

National Moth Week - A commemorative mini-zine

To mark the occasion of this year's National Moth Week, which runs from 18-26 July, we have produced a set of eight stamps, which we are currently incorporating into a new mini-zine. Like other recent MWP zines, it is made with iPad apps (see also previous post). In this instance, I've employed the apps Square Ready, Pic Collage, Face On Stamps and Strip Designer in combination with selected works from my own Moth Masks series of paintings and drawings. The stamp sets can be viewed on my Art Blog, along with some revelatory information about the Moth Women themselves.

Individual pages of the zine are previewed below:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Work resumes on 'Hair Pieces' mini-zine

Following last week's setback (see previous post) the artwork for Hair Pieces is back from the printer in a new, vastly improved state and the process of folding, cutting and transforming each A4 sheet into an eight page mini-zine is well under way.

Considerable progress has also been made on other mini-zines in development. They include Tattooed Faces, Tattooed Faces in Living Colour, Hair Pieces 2 and 2015 Mothstralian Stamps. 

The above mentioned zines were made by combining my own paintings, relief prints and drawings with iPad apps. The eight-panel grid that is the basis for these mini-zines is my own invention - I'm rather proud of it. The grid was constructed in the astonishingly versatile Strip Designer. The coloured borders and selected backgrounds were also developed in this app. The panels containing text and image were designed in Pic Collage

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trial proof of 'Hair Pieces' mini-zine

Over the past few months we've been developing several new mini-zines and have just taken a trial proof of our latest effort, Hair Pieces. Immediately following this, we had hoped to charge ahead and print a minimum of half the edition of 100, but because of a technical problem (a mysterious wavy texture in the background of some images) a brief return to the metaphorical drawing board (i.e. my iPad) was required. The problem is now solved and printing is set to resume in the next couple of days.

Moth Woman Press mini-zines, including this one, are folded and cut from a single sheet of A4 paper.

Pictured below is yesterday's trial proof, folded and ready to cut.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bound for Newfoundland

With the release of a new zine on the horizon, Moth Woman Press's most recent publication, the mini-zine Dark Dames, and our very first book, There was once... The collected fairytales (2009) are bound for a horizon that is far more distant. They are currently winging their way to their new owner in Newfoundland, Canada.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mildura BMW Australian Print Triennial

This little package was waiting in our Melbourne mail box when we returned from Ballarat on the weekend. Designed by Julie Chambers, Director of the Art Vault in Mildura, with cover artwork by hugely talented local artist Sonja Hodge, it is an information pack containing absolutely everything anyone could possibly want to know about the upcoming Mildura BMW Australian Print Triennial. The photo reveals a mere snippet of the extensive program (each card is double sided). The eagle-eyed will notice that Geoff Ricardo, Mini Graff and I will be speaking on a panel chaired by Dr Sasha Grishin, 'The Art of Politics Through Print'.

The Mildura BMW Australian Print Triennial will run from 29 October - 1 November. For full details, go HERE.

Mildura BMW Print Triennial Program - click on image to enlarge

Saturday, May 23, 2015

'Hair Pieces' - a mini-zine in progress

In recent weeks most of my time and energy has been spent in the studio, developing a new series of paintings on wood; they are an extension of the Homo-insecta watercolours and linocuts that I began in 2013. To view the paintings, visit my Art Blog HERE.

Meanwhile, back at Moth Woman Press, we haven't been entirely idle. Previewed directly below is the artwork for the front and back covers of Hair Pieces, our latest mini-zine in the making. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mothstralian Stamps Redux

These elusive night creatures appeared on the very first Republic of Mothstralia Postage stamps in 2013. Back by popular demand in a series of newly-commissioned philatelic designs, they are precursors to the eagerly anticipated 2015 Moth Woman Vigilante stamps due for issue during the coming weeks.

To create this mail art, my artwork was combined with the following iPad apps: Face on Stamp, Squareready and Strip Design.


Top row L-R
Campylotes desgonsini Moth Mask, 2007, oil pastel 112 x76 cm
Rhodogastia crokeri Moth Mask, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 25 x 20 cm

Middle row L-R
Aictis erythrozona Moth Mask, 2007, oil pastel 112 x76 cm
Phaos aglaophara Moth Mask, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 25 x 20 cm

Bottom row L-R
Amerila alberti Moth Mask, 2007, oil pastel 112 x76 cm
Eustixis caminaea Moth Mask, 2007, oil pastel 112 x76 cm

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Between the Sheets Exhibition catalogue

Between the Sheets, the international artist books exhibition at Gallery Central in Perth, WA, closed today and the insect women in my artist book, Homo-insecta - an Unnatural History Portfolio, have folded their wings. Meanwhile, the exhibition catalogue has arrived in the mail - in its own right a clever, inventive example of book art and a fine memento of the show.

(See also previous post and Blog Post Thursday, February 19).

Between the Sheets catalogue (click on image to enlarge)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Between the Sheets: Installation Views

Between the Sheets, the international artist books exhibition that includes my unbound book, Homo-insecta, an Unnatural History Portfolio, opened on March 7. Co-curator David Frost has just sent a series of installation views, including the following. They are very much appreciated by those of us who were unable to make the journey to the other side of the continent.  (See also Blog Post Thursday, February 19).

Between the Sheets installation view (1). Foreground, right:
my artist book, Homo-insecta. Click image for enlarged view.

Between the Sheets installation view (2). Foreground: altered books
by Debbie Hill. Click image for enlarged view,

Between the Sheets
Gallery Central
12 Aberdeen Street

Exhibition dates: 7 March – 2 April.

To view all the works, go here:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dark Dames: ready for their closeup

Dark Dames, 2015, 8 page mini-zine,
(selected page views) colour photocopy,
9.8 x 7.3 cm, edition: 100

"She came at me in sections. More curves than a scenic railway... She was bad. She was dangerous. I wouldn’t trust her any farther than I could throw her. But she was my kind of woman.” 

(Fred Astaire as detective Rod Riley in The Girl Hunt Ballet. Libretto by Alan J. Lerner (uncredited) from the movie Band Wagon, 1953, directed by Vincente Minnelli).

Pictured above: selected page views from our latest mini-zine, Dark Dames. RRP $4.00 plus $1.40 postage and packing. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Book Launch, a Zine Fair and some New Acquisitions

Louise Jennison unveils the Salvaged Relatives

On Wednesday, 11 February Shane and I attended the one night only exhibit of Salvaged Relatives, three unique state artist books by two of our favourite works on paper artists, Gracia and Louise. It was a privilege to view all three works: SALVAGED RELATIVES, EDITION I (RED), EDITION II (YELLOW) and EDITION III (BLUE) before they take their places in prestigious public collections, namely the Baillieu Library at Melbourne University, the State Library of Victoria and the State Library of New South Wales.

A selection of Salvaged Relatives, 2014-2015, Collages by Gracia Haby,
bound by Louise Jennison

As a souvenir and memory-jogger of these exquisite works, I was able to acquire a couple of zines (one for myself, the other for a fellow G & L admirer) as well as two limited edition prints of the exotic Salvaged Relatives.

That same night I bumped into my dear friend Paul Compton, another talented artist and zinester. When Paul and I caught up recently, I was thrilled when he gifted me with number 1 in the editions of his two latest zines (see the large and small black books in the second photograph below).

Last Sunday my haul increased at the annual Sticky Institute Zine Fair at Melbourne Town Hall, where I acquired more zines from Gracia and Louise and a great little zine titled Coma Toes by Jase Harper.

Sticky Institute Zine Fair, Sunday 15 February

My stash: works by Gracia and Louise, Paul Compton
and Jase Harper

Doubtless inspired by the above, I've been on a bit of a zine-making spree of late. Several new publications are under way, and the mini-zine, Dark Dames, is nearly completed. I'll be developing the others over the next little while in tandem with other projects, most notably the fledgling homo-insecta paintings on wood, progress views of which are regularly documented on my Art Blog